Contemporary Governance are mostly determine by a political system in Nigeria through the choice of the people;


Thence, Democracy is a system of government in which individual choice determines who head the affairs of the state in a political system. Parties are used as platform for contestation, hence, the availability of a number of aspirants, what now make one victorious over others is his ability to convince the electorate on the dividends promises on assuming political power .

The Katsina State Governor, Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari was an Aspirant in 2015, he had gone round the state and Embarked on a number of promises whom since Assumption had never relented to ensuring them fulfilled.

In ensuring the fulfilments, he had embark on a mission and vision of repositioning Katsina. He inherited a state fraught with poverty, bad educational condition, crippled agriculture, contractors areas, pensioners debt aside debts on salaries and so on.

Undoubtedly, solving all the aforelisted is a daunting and a hawklian task, but to a man with foresights, visions and missions of restoring the state hard earned but lost glory of Education, Agriculture, Health and welfare of its citizens through Dynamic Approaches to security and prompt payments of salaries aside debt of pensions Areas, Masari started the work with A force.

His sleepless nights are now visible and felt all over the state, He is about the only Governor that work for almost 24 hours, it is for this reason the Emir of Katsina DR. Abdulminu Kabir Usman told the Vice president Yemi Osinbajo during his visit to the palace, after the jibia rainstorm visits, that Masari is a “Bulldozer”, he said to the v.p that “we call him Bulldozer” because he does nothing other than work,work and work, the Emir described him as “Sarkin Aiki”.

Masari is also about the only Governor that moved around his city, he moves around the city of Katsina at mid nights, even on this platform, the Katsina Media and Publicity had times without number reported instances of him visiting hospitals at hours of 12 am, 1am and 2:30am, aside projects inspections and some times just to go round and witness the people’s freedom and how secure the state is,

kudos is indeed to MASARI

Assuming office, he started with the task of Educational infrastructure which will be OUR subsequent submission, immediately is to the people that served this state while on their youthful age, He has done justice first by settling pensioners.

In this Era, he has wonderfully done well hence, of all the 36 States of the Federation, Katsina State stands tall in terms of prompt payment of monthly pensions as well as gratuity to retirees at the state level and 34 local councils.

These and more are part of his fulfilment to his electioneering campaign promises as he promised to offset the backlog of pensions and gratuities when elected into office.

The Governor by his words and immediately, he settled an inherited debt of over N11 billion which the state and 34 local government councils owed their retired and deceased workers.

He have also continued to pay the ex-workers on quarterly basis, thereby making life easier for them.

This unique and modest approach to solving Human problem is what is making Katsina now a pride in the nation, it is on this light, the pensioners had in last two weeks visited the governor in his office and ensure him of their unending support as they shall purchase for him a form for a re-contest.

Director General
Katsina Media & Publicity
Ibrahim M Abdullah
9th September 2018