Infrastructure is the basic requirement of economic development. It does not directly produce goods and services but facilitates advancement in primary, secondary and tertiary economic activities by creating positive external economies. It is an admitted fact that the level of economic development in any country directly depends on the development of infrastructure.

From the year 1999 to 2007, Katsina state witnessed massive improvement in infrastructure especially in Education, Transportation, Health and Housing where numerous projects where executed that brought about an era of development in Katsina State.

Over the years, visibly, we have seen decline in rate of development in infrastructural and also, dilapidation of already existing infrastructure in Katsina State. This setback in infrastructure could largely be attributed to lack of political will and commitment from the previous administration. This challenge among other challenges gave birth to the Masari Restoration Agenda.

The Masari restoration agenda is aimed at restoring Katsina state to its former glory.

The commitment of the Masari led administration in the past 3 years has yielded an unprecedented dividend in the infrastructure of various sectors of his administration.

In the transportation sector, the Masari led administration has developed the road infrastructure as almost 1,173KM of road had been constructed and some are nearing completion in just 3 years. The success in road construction is particularly commendable because of the progress achieved in a timely manner despite constrains in the availability of resources compared to previous administrations.

Improvement in infrastructure under the Masari led administration is not only in the transportation sector, but cuts across other sectors such as education where remodelling, renovation and construction of new projects are the order of the day. So far, over 300 primary schools where renovated, 400 new classes constructed, 1000 classes and 300 offices renovated, construction of 70 new toilets, creation of over 183 annex primary schools, provision of 15,162 desks, 893 furniture for teachers and many other constructions, rehabilitation, procurement and upgrade.

In the health sector, the state government in the last 3years had remodeled the Government Hospitals in Katsina, Daura, Funtua, Kankiya, Jibia, Musawa, Baure, Malufashi, renovated burnt staff quarters of Government Hospital Malumfashi, School of Nursing Katsina and School of Midwifery Malumfashi and further equipped them with requisite personnel and modern health care facilities.

We could go on and on in stating the improvements Katsina state has witnessed in infrastructural development across various sectors, but such improvements also remain visible to every eye.

It is safe to say that the Masari Restoration Agenda is yielding result especially in infrastructure, education, transportation, agriculture and many more.

Director General
Ibrahim M Abdullah