Today, the Katsina State Institute of Technology and Management held its maiden matriculation ceremony for their 2016/2017 in-take at their newly developed permanent site. The ceremony was graced with the presence of His Excellency, Gov. Aminu Bello Masari, which, as stated by the Special Adviser on Science and Technology, Dr. Rabe Nasir in his vote of thanks, is unprecedented given the nature of the event.

While in his speech, Gov. Masari said that education is the number one priority of his administration and therefore it is important for him to accord it all the necessary attention. The Governor lamented passionately on the deterioration of education standard in the state, particularly as it is manifested in the poor performance of secondary schools in central examinations like WAEC and NECO.

Making reference to the history of Katsina State, he contrasted the unfortunate state of education currently in the state with the past glory that Katsina used to enjoy as one of the major centers of Islamic learning in Hausa land for the past 500 years.

The Governor stressed the significance of education in human life and how essential it is to human development both at the individual and group levels, especially in terms of competition. The Governor said that “there is the need to compete with others, but we cannot do that without education.”

Gov. Aminu Bello Masari, right.

He emphasized on the need for governments to establish strong learning institutions that will cater for educational needs of the people they serve.  He also called upon parents to support their children to go to school, as it is their fundamental right; and that lack of money should never be an excuse. He said, “It is not about the money, it is about the responsibility”. Furthermore Gov. Masari succinctly summed up the value of education to human development in the following clear terms, “Denying education to a human being is the highest deception you can do to him”.

In that vain, the Governor stressed the immeasurable significance of the role of leadership in this regard. He called upon leaders at various levels to “do away with the politics of deception” in order for them to discharge their responsibilities, only thus can they invest in the promotion of education. He also called upon the matriculated students to start cultivating the good values of leadership right from this stage.

The Governor also talked extensively on the importance of identifying opportunities and ceasing them, “to he who has an opportunity, let him take it”. He urged the students to use the opportunity of undergoing training in such an institution so as to be innovative and open to new possibilities, by constantly trying to be self-dependent. He said, “We’re not training you to be employees. We’re training you to be employers”.

The Matriculated Students.

The Governor added that the ability to take advantage of opportunities is significant because the needs of our society are growing, and these needs translate as fresh opportunities to anybody with the ability to cease them. “Nobody should tell you that there are no opportunities”, he said.

At the end, the Governor wished them well in their studies and in their future endeavors.

In his vote of thanks, Dr. Rabe Nasir, Special Adviser to the Governor on Science and Technology, said that the state education sector has recorded significant development as a result of His Excellency’s restoration agenda.